Western civilisation is dying. For the past 500 years, Western Europeans have been the dominant geopolitical force on the planet. We have ruled the waves, guarded the highways, conquered the poles and explored the stars. No people have accomplished as much or contributed more to the wellbeing of humanity in all of history.

But now our time is coming to an end. No matter how great, all civilisations succumb one day due to human folly, weakness, pride and greed. Atlantis is again disappearing.

We have allowed our governments to become tyrannical and predatory, while we cheer corrupt leaders who bribe us with our children’s money. Those same leaders are flooding our lands with hostile, incompatible foreigners and persecuting us if we resist. They are doing so to replace a generation we murdered in the womb, or simply failed to bear.

Our traditional moral code has been replaced by a decadent, hedonistic form of nihilism. We have replaced faith with sophistry, and exchanged a concern for truth with the acceptance of comforting lies. We have grown decadent and weak.

The hour is late and most are asleep. If we are ever to rouse our people and push back to preserve a remnant of the West for our posterity, we must be willing to face unpleasant truths. We must also be willing to be hated for the people and the civilisation we love.

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If you were to walk down the street of an English, American, Canadian or Australian city or town a century ago, you would have seen a very different scene to today. Beyond the cosmetic changes in technology and fashion, you would have seen a people of a distinctly different character. A Christian people. A race who knew who they were and were not ashamed or guilty for it. A people who could bring civilisation to remote continents and still not enslave the weaker peoples they encountered.

Men wore hats, women covered themselves and children were polite. Standards of conduct and appearance remained unspoken, yet universal. There was order, propriety and civility. They were civilised.

In the intervening century there have been two disastrous wars, the spread of an enslaving debt-based money system and the corruption of society through perverse entertainment. The Christian belief which supported the social order of a century ago has been lost, first by despair at suffering and then by degeneracy through temptation. Demoralised by materialism and corrupted by Marxism, we are now watching indifferently while our lands are handed to foreigners who care nothing for our heritage, beliefs or identity.

These nations in a century’s time will not be Western anymore. We will have disappeared, first through the folly of wars against our white brothers then by financial enslavement and decadence. Even if our nations retain their English names, they will not be peopled by Western Europeans. We will have been genocided while our elites cheered and the masses watched, indifferent.

Unless we remember ourselves and begin to fight back.

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The problems we face are the same across the nations of the West. We have put our faith in false belief systems, and these have led us to madness. How else can we explain the glee that our educated classes feel at our destruction, unless they are mad?

Since the Enlightenment, Western men have put their faith in utopian ideologies rather than metaphysical religion. We abandoned God for the mystery cults of modernity – liberalism, socialism and the mad power cult of Marxism. All are resurrected ancient mystery cults whose origin goes back, through the Luciferian secret societies of the globalist elite, to Babylon.

Each of these material religions of modernity contains a partial truth amidst a basket of lies. The core delusion of liberalism is that each individual can pursue happiness as an atom, cut off from the bonds of family, community and nation that give his life meaning, purpose and direction. The widespread belief in such a hollow doctrine accounts for the mental illness, self-destruction and narcissism we see everywhere in our society. We have become morally lawless, and it is killing us.

Each individual does stand sovereign before God, but is also part of a greater whole which is necessary for his continued existence. Unbridled liberalism has led to decadence and despair. We must abandon the false freedom of liberalism, including its postmodern manifestation libertarianism, and instead seek the natural liberty which our ancestors understood but did not make a secular religion out of.

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The overthrow of traditional monarchies around the world and their replacement with mass political systems over the last 200 years has not happened naturally or accidentally. It has been part of a centuries-long project by the international banking elite to implement global central banking, debt-based fiat currency, income taxes, sovereign debt markets and large-scale, government-run welfare systems including government-run schools. These are not capitalist programs. They are socialist, and were included by Karl Marx in the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto.

Kings could default on their debts and imprison the bankers. Presidents and prime ministers know they must do what they are told or they will be replaced. This is how we have ended up with the current rotten, globalist political class running the world. They are puppets for the money power.

The political system of Western nations is democratic socialism, and the tax burden on working people will keep growing until the dysgenic welfare state brings the nation to utter ruin and conquest by foreigners. The banking elite will increase their economic stranglehold when asset prices have collapsed. This is how the peoples of the world have been farmed throughout the last few centuries.

Throughout modernity, despite wars, depressions and catastrophes, the trend has been toward greater government control over the lives of our people. It is not the rich who exploit us; it is the super-rich using the power of the state as a weapon against us. The masses are kept amused by the spectacle of politics while their best hours are monetised and stolen by an invisible system of financial neo-feudalism.

Socialism is always dysgenic, burdening the strong, smart and productive so much they cannot reproduce while handing free resources to the lazy, immoral and useless. It destroys a people over time. There is no hope for Western civilisation for as long as democratic socialism remains in place.

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To restore our civilisation we must remember who we are. We cannot continue on the current anti-white, globalist path and survive. Importing a foreign ideology from an earlier time will also not work. The movement to restore our nations must be an expression of the spirit of the Western European peoples who founded them.

This is not a statement of hate or racism. It is an assertion of identity, the right of all peoples around the world. The double standard against whites making it must end. And while there is a place for compatible and loyal foreigners who have immigrated in recent decades, Western Europeans must retain the overwhelming demographic majority if our nations are to be stable into the future. There are also too many hostile and incompatible foreigners our elites have brought in who must return to their homelands.

Only by remembering who we are will we survive the crises that are coming. Backward is the way forward. We are a proud people; world-conquerors who brought the light of Christian civilisation to a dark world. We just need to know it.

We must also strive to overcome our complacency.