We have failed to transmit our culture, heritage and lore to the young for several generations now. Very few Westerners have any sense of identity beyond one or two generations. Even fewer have read the great books or engaged with the great thinkers of the Western tradition. Our libraries have largely been digitised, leaving the seeds of our civilisation dangerously fragile. Should the West totter and fall, it could lead to a dark age from which we may never emerge.

The basic building block of civilisation is the family. It is the fundamental organising unit of society. Our families are weak or broken, and we have lost the habits of interdependence which make a culture resilient. When the shocks come, the culture as a whole will fail. You can safeguard against this by making your own family, and after that your own community, resilient.

In a post-collapse society, centralised education will disappear, as will government services. Responsibility for the care and education of children will return to families, where it should be. Intergenerational interdependence, of the type practicing in premodernity, will become a requirement for survival.

Building a strong and wholesome family culture build on earnest Christian principles is the most effective safeguard we can create for what’s ahead. Train your children, so that by adolescence they have all the skills and attitudes necessary for resilience and independence.

Cultural renewal

On the societal level we must also take steps to preserve the Western canon, much as the monasteries did during the Middle Ages. Local communities which have conserved the knowledge and technologies of this civilisational high-point will prosper as time goes by and the future unborn can then begin the process of rebuilding from the rubble we have created. If they have access to the knowledge created by modern man they will be able to do so from a higher starting point.

Barring another total war across the world, we are not looking at a Mad Max type of future. We will also not, however, have the materially rich and spiritually poor postmodern society we’ve become accustomed to. Globalism is coming to an end, and what replaces it will be a patchwork of local worlds diverging culturally, racially and technologically over time. The steps we take now in our family and local community will determine what that local world we inhabit will look like.