Most Westerners today still believe that Marx’s theory of revolutionary utopianism had to do with economics. It did not. The rhetoric which Marx used, and which fuelled the left-wing totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century, was rooted in class and economics. Marx’s philosophy, however, could be applied to any identifiable category of humans. In the East, Marx’s dialectic was applied in line with his rhetoric on class. In the West, however, Marx’s doctrines were instead applied to race, culture, gender and faith.This process took several decades to be worked out, and can be understood rather easily once you know what cultural Marxism is.

We’ve had this toxic, totalitarian cult preached to the impressionable young in our universities for 50 years now. This has created a dangerous division within Western societies, as well as ultimately our demographic replacement. As we hurtle toward the final showdown between the brainwashed millennial land whales and the rising libertarian and nationalist reactions, it’s becoming apparent that, ideologically at least, the Soviet Union won the Cold War.

No more brother wars


The great mistake of many in the libertarian and nationalist movements being generated in response to cultural Marxism is to believe that the social engineers in the deep state are stupid. These naive young men, who see themselves as either defenders of freedom or defenders of their race, don’t realise that whatever grassroot movements which arise (or are astroturfed) are co-opted by the deep state through operatives, influencers, social media manipulation and media propaganda campaigns. This happens on both the left and the right of politics. It has been well-known among both Antifa anarcho-whatevers and their national socialist opponents that domestic intelligence agencies infiltrate and direct both extremes of the political dialectic. This agenda is supported through the media, education and entertainment complex. It is subtle and sophisticated and operates throughout all levels of Western society.

There is no political solution to this problem of deep state control through ideological brainwashing and social engineering. Metapolitics is also futile. If a movement did arise which truly threatened the power of the cabal, it would be thoroughly discredited then utterly crushed. It would then be used as a bogeyman to scare future generations of schoolchildren, as Hitler is today.


Ultimately, what we are fighting against is the centralisation of power. Financial power, technological power, political power and even spiritual power is being concentrated in an ever-smaller number of hands, and these psychopaths at the top of the world system pyramid hate Western civilisation with its Christian roots and creative genius. They have harnessed Western man to build their global control grid. Their plan is to discard their golem now that they have achieved their plan, and bring all the races into close proximity and constant conflict so they are easier to rule. In the world the cabal have created, there is no future for white man, or the yellow or black or brown man either. These people hate everyone.