Global cooling alert: Gulf stream weakest in 1600 years

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The Gulf Stream is shutting down. That’s bad news for Europe.

Nature article

That’s because the Gulf Stream, which brings warm water up from the Caribbean and runs it along the western coast of Europe, is the only thing that makes London and Berlin not have the same weather as Moscow and Montreal.

The imminent shutdown of the current is happening right in time for Harvard scientists to bring woolly mammoths back from extinction though, which is cool.

Woolly mammoth

The findings were published in establishment science journal Nature. All researchers know that if you contradict the establishment line on man-made global warming, you don’t get published, you don’t get funded, you don’t get invited to conferences with nice sandwiches and name badges and you probably don’t even get your PhD in the first place. As a result, the authors shoehorned carbon-driven global warming into their findings, based on nothing whatsoever. Because, you know, science.

Carbon monster

And the lying media of course are spoonfeeding the normies the line that this decrease in temperature in the North Atlantic is because the planet is heating up. Because it makes perfect sense that an ocean current driven by too much warm water at the Equator gets weaker when the water gets even warmer. Do shitlibs even science anymore?


The reality is, the Gulf Stream is shutting down because the solar system is going into a Grand Solar Minimum. The planet is cooling. We entered the Eddy Minimum a few years ago and the global cooling began in earnest last year. The planet is not cooling uniformly, however; due to differences in the ratio of land surface to sea surface between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, the Northern Hemisphere will experience the imminent ice age more ferociously than the Southern Hemisphere. If you lived through this last winter in the Northern Hemisphere, that’s not news.

Europe coldest winter

And although the Southern Hemisphere will not experience cold to the same extent as up north, we are also entering an ice age down here too.

Australia coldest winter

A Grand Solar Minimum is more than just a drop in temperatures, however. It’s a period when the weather goes haywire in all directions, volcanoes and earthquakes become more violent and strange phenomena are experienced which have not been widely seen for centuries. Things like upside-down lightning.

Upward lightningAt the end of this transition into a mini ice-age, which should be completed by the early 2030’s, the world will be much colder, much less populated and probably have different coastlines in places. It’s going to be a wild ride. Unfortunately, the process is not uniform though, and some areas will experience bouts of heating and droughts due to changing ocean currents and flash weather events. The lying media will use these isolated examples to keep pushing their fake narrative of anthropogenic global warming, supported by a corrupt academic establishment who submit to government control for access to funding.

But at least we might get some woolly mammoth to hunt.

Hunting woolly mammoth


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