It is not a coincidence that the expansion of central banking has run in parallel with the expansion of modernity: materialism, constant revolution, debt enslavement and the unprecedented rise in the scale and power of government. All ultimately derive from the alchemy of central banking. This is the source of the cabal’s power.

Our economic system has crisis and instability built into it. Panics and disasters are an inevitable part of the natural business cycle, but our system of money creation known as fractional reserve banking makes the booms and busts wilder and more destructive than they need be. It is also a system which atomises individuals and dissolves the bonds of family and community. Every aspect of life is financialised under the neo-Babylonian system of farming humans through debt. Governments consented to the construction of this central banking system of debt enslavement because of the enormous power it provided them for armies, public works and welfare programs to buy the support of the people. Governments have spent like drunken sailors ever since, and the governments of Western Europe which adopted central banking first reaped the imperial rewards it provided. They didn’t care that a debt-based model of imperial power would one day bring catastrophic consequences on their descendants. We are those generations who will reap the whirlwind from centuries of public and private debt, and the edifice of Western socialism on which millions of our people depend is about to come crashing down. It will bring civilisation as we have known it down with it.

No future for democracy

Real standards of living in the West peaked in the 1960’s. Since then, we have been getting comparatively poorer in real terms.

At that time, a man with no qualifications could support a wife and three kids and own his home, have a new car every few years and a domestic holiday once a year. The only people who can manage such a feat today are the rich.

This decline in real wealth was concealed first by women choosing to join their husbands as wage slaves, then through debt. The appearance of wealth we have maintained in the West has been made possible only via this massive private and public debt expansion.

US National Debt

Australian debt

In 2008, the public was made suddenly aware of the insanity of this economic system when the global banking system came with a day or two of imploding. Held hostage by the international bankers, politicians implemented government bailouts for the troubled banks. Central bankers dropped interest rates to zero and began massive bond-buying programs to flood the big banks with free cash.

The music started back up again, and the public slowly forgot about the true nature of the game. And the debt kept expanding.

The response of the politicians and central bankers was centrally co-ordinated through the G20 and the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. In the years since the GFC, the main aim of the elite has been to keep the shell game of infinite debt going for long enough for them to retire, and to ensure they keep their power once the debt supernova implodes.

The actions of the central bankers in response to the GFC had two disastrous consequences. The first was to distort the economy even further, so that income earners and those living on savings have been getting relatively poorer while asset owners have grown richer. This has benefited the rich at the expense of the workers, and the old at the expense of the young.

It has also created a revolutionary attitude among the young, and is behind the rise in anarcho-Marxist groups we have seen in recent years. The financial elite are using these groups like Antifa to take advantage of the coming chaos and bring about a post-capitalist, global tyranny.

We are on the brink of a financial crisis which is really just an extension of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. This crisis, however, will be much worse. In 2008, the elite responded to the credit crisis through bailouts – governments handing trillions to the bankers and passing the debt onto taxpayers. Policies such as ‘financial repression’ and Quantitative Easing postponed the reckoning, but now they have run their course. The central bankers and politicians know that there can be no more bailouts.

When the next crisis hits, governments will implement bail-ins. People whose wealth depends upon debt will see their wealth evaporate. Bondholders, large bank depositors, corporate creditors and bank shareholders will lose trillions. When this fails, governments will start confiscating the wealth of the middle class. Interest rates will soar. There will be panic for those who have not prepared ahead of time.

Millions around the West rely upon government welfare in the form of handouts, housing, jobs and public projects. These people will be hit the hardest when those government promises can’t be delivered.


The expansion of central banking and fractional reserve lending over the past century was accompanied by a massive increase in government spending and taxes.

US spending per capita

This expansion of government was a necessary requirement of our financial system. To remain stable, our debt-based money system requires constant debt expansion in order to print new currency to service old debts.

If the rate of debt expansion slows, the system will collapse. It is this dynamic which has created the debt supernova which will bring down the economic order of the West. Once interest rates begin to rise in earnest, defaults will spread across the world. The shock will be sudden and overwhelming for millions. Governments won’t disappear overnight, but they will steadily default on their promises and begin cutting pensions, confiscating wealth and raising taxes.

As unimaginable as it might be now, there will come a point in time at which governments will not be able to borrow anymore. This will force the collapse of Western socialism, and create political upheavals like we haven’t seen in centuries.

When imperial governments can no longer meet their obligations, war, revolution and political breakup result. It will be no different for us. The large, powerful nation-states established by Western Europeans over the past few centuries will soon go the same way as the Roman Empire. Economic power will shift to Asia, and the cabal plan on centralising political power in the Middle East. This will be the culmination of their Zionist plan to dominate all of humanity directly through a technocratic, totalitarian world government. The cattle of the global debt farm will then be sent to the abattoir.