The myth of man-made climate change has been pushed onto normies by the cabal because they know that catastrophic weather changes are coming. They’ve known for decades. The shadow elite decided, however, to leverage the coming holocaust for global depopulation and global government.

The real reason for the climatic changes, natural disasters and bizarre weather events we are experiencing is a downturn in the sun’s output cycle. We entered a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM – known as the Eddy Minimum) at the beginning of 2018. This GSM will intensify into 2024 with a brief reprieve, and then accelerate fully into the early 2030’s.

Grand Solar Minima occur every 300 years or so and have correlated with periods of war, famine, natural disasters and plague. Temperatures also drop steeply.

Contrary to the disinformation being propagated by the mainstream media, the decline in energy output by the sun during a GSM is not what causes colder weather, natural disasters and catastrophic conditions for humanity. The mechanism by which the sun regulates weather conditions on Earth is more complex than linear causation.

Due to the suppressed nature of the research, scientists do not have a full picture yet of how this mechanism operates. Critical to the dynamic though are cosmic rays; high-energy radioactive particles which originate from outside the solar system. Cosmic rays increase upon the Earth during a GSM, and cause increased cloud cover across the planet. This not only reduces temperatures but disrupts agricultural patterns and is linked with epidemics. The transition periods into and out of GSMs also correlate strongly with massive volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. These enormous volcanic eruptions throw ash into the sky which can last for several years, further reducing temperatures and destroying crops. Disruptions to agriculture have also historically correlated to periods of intense warfare.

The sun’s solar cycle may also correlate with the flipping of the Earth’s magnetic poles.