For centuries, the occult financial elite have been carrying out a project to bring all of humanity under one centralised system of control. Through the revived ancient mystery cults of the secret societies and unified by the Satanic doctrines of Luciferianism, they are puppets in the devil’s plan to unify the world just prior to the return of Christ. The religion of the cabal, represented in esoteric cults like Freemasonry, theosophy and Thelema, have their origins in the occult Judaism of the Talmud and the Kabbalah. They trace back directly to the religion of the Pharisees, the spirit of antiChrist.

This globalist plan is now reaching its last stage. The cabal are starting World War III in the Middle East in order to bring about Globalism 4.0 and complete the utter financial, cultural, technological, political and spiritual enslavement of humanity.

The Battle of Waterloo
The Battle of Waterloo

The first attempt at global domination was made by the cabal following the Napoleonic wars. After funding both sides, the money power arranged for the monarchs to bring all of Europe under a centralised system. In return for sacrificing some sovereignty, the kings of Europe could be assured of peace and protection from the revolutionary movements funded by the bankers. This promise was broken, however, and over the course of the nineteenth century the monarchies of Europe were overthrown by the cabal in favour of mass democratic systems.

Mass political systems like democratic socialism, communism and fascism are preferred by the money power as they increase popular support for the regime in charge and provide weak leaders who can be easily overthrown. Popular support for the government is vital for the cabal’s long-term aims, as it most easily enables a population to be enslaved through the promises of welfare. Offering an illusory free lunch, the shadow elite is able to most easily bring societies under their control.

The second attempt at globalism was the League of Nations, formed immediately after World War I. Although the cabal had multiple motivations for engineering and funding the world wars, including the desire to destroy Christian civilisation and increase government debts to the bankers, the most important goal of these conflicts was to utilise the desire for peace they created to advance the cause of globalism. The League of Nations fell apart as the United States and later Japan pulled out, but the precedent had been set. The template for the New World Order global empire had been created.

Globalism 3.0 is the United Nations, created in victorious New York after the horrors of World War II. This institution is more explicitly Luciferian than its earlier counterpart. The symbolism of the UN is deeply occult, and there are open Luciferian references in its official religion and publishing house, the Lucis Trust (originally called the Lucifer Trust). Luciferianism is the religion which drives the cabal toward their messianic vision; a fanatical zeal for bringing all the world under one authority in order to bring about their messiah and usher in their golden age of post-human godhood.

UN Security Council
UN Security Council

The United Nations is close to achieving its final purpose, and will soon also be thrown on the fire in order to bring about the next stage of the plan in the Great Work to enslave mankind. The minions of the cabal in the US deep state are unilaterally using US military power to break down the UN system and usher in World War III. The mad belligerence we see from the US deep state is engineered to not only finally discredit the West, but also bring about a global conflagration that makes the people of the world cry out for peace and security.

This goal is being accomplished via the state of Israel, created by the UN in 1948. Zionism began as a political movement under the influence of the Rothschilds. In 1836, the Rothschilds proposed the idea of buying the land of Palestine from the Egyptian ruler and establishing a Jewish state. The movement to persuade Jews to move to Palestine grew over the latter half of the nineteenth century, but had little success. This began to change with the First Zionist Congress, convened in 1897 in Basel, Switzerland, and supported by the financial cabal. Basel later became the headquarters of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the hub of global central banking.

The state of Israel got its first official mandate from the British through the Balfour Declaration of November, 1917. Written as a letter from UK Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Walter Rothschild, the Balfour Declaration promised a Jewish homeland in the land of Palestine. Occurring almost simultaneously with the cabal-funded Russian Revolution, the declaration was a statement of intent rather than a solid plan for how the Zionist state would be established. The plan would require another global war and the creation of the myth of the Holocaust to be achieved.

Dresden bombing

In the aftermath of World War III between the US and its vassals and the Russia-China axis, the cabal will present the world with a solution to the problem of religious conflict and war. A reconstituted world government centred in Jerusalem will be constructed. All the three monotheistic religions are anticipating a global leader to emerge soon and unite the world. Jews and Muslims believe he will bring the world under their subjection to them. Christians know that he will be a false leader, the antiChrist. Perhaps uniting Islam and Judaism, he will represent the final act in the Great Work of the Luciferian cabal.