The Economy of God and the Economy of Satan

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This post follows on from Why I am a Christian.

For those of who have never read the Bible, it’s not just a story of how Jesus did nice things for people. Actually the topic Jesus talked about most often was the coming judgement for those who are outside him, and his imagery was pretty intense. The Bible is not about punishment though; it is about redemption. It’s a letter from God explaining his plan to fix everything back to how he first intended it because he loves you so much. The image of God as harsh and cruel is an old Gnostic lie that we see throughout our culture. That’s not accidental.

The Bible actually gives us a pretty good picture of what God’s type of society looks like. It could be described as an agrarian celestial monarchy. It’s quite clear God doesn’t like rulers or kings (other than himself). He forbade Israel from having one when it was first established, and warned them that the king would enslave them if they persisted in wanting one. God finally relented and agreed to them having one. It’s clear from the interaction though that God is no fan of centralized government. He would certainly detest republicanism, let alone democratic socialism. Remember that next time a cuckservative aspirant waves a flag and a Bible. That man is living dangerously.

This also establishes a pattern where God will never micromanage. He’s not a tyrant. He gives people over to what they want. If the rulers are wicked, it’s because the people were wicked first. He’s given us the freedom to stuff everything up first before he fixes it.

The economy of God is one of independent landholder families scattered across the countryside. God is no fan of big cities or the boastful towers which accompany them. During the millenial kingdom when Jesus rules for a thousand years in the future, government is limited to arbitration of disputes, everyone will sit under their own vine and fig tree and the ability of rulers to carry out war will be removed. I shudder for the share price of Northrop Grumann.

It is also clear that God hates debt slavery. Just as there is a cycle of seven days ordained, there is also a cycle of seven years and a debt jubilee every 50th (7×7+1). At this time, all land was to be returned to its original possessors at the foundation of Israel. Intergenerational debt servitude and the class warfare it engenders is not part of God’s economy. Throughout the Old Testament kings are constantly leading their nations away from God’s protection, and in the New Testament Jesus warns that governments should not seek power in the areas of life that belong to God.

Satan, on the other hand, is fond of kings and centralised control. We can loosely call this the Babylon system. If government is totalitarian then Satan need only control the rulers to corrupt the entire nation. Wherever we see the intrusion of government into private life, the use of religion and propaganda to legitimate the ruling structure, standing armies and an oppressive tax burden on the people, we are looking at Satan’s system. That’s much pretty the entire world today.

Satan is also fond of using debt to enslave and oppress people and centralise control at the top of the hierarchy. The Mesopotamian societies such as ancient Babylon were the first to develop debt as currency, and it seems there is a link between the expansion of debt and the development of state violence. Global peonage through the financialisation of all asset classes has provided lifestyles of luxury for the elite which the plutocrats of earlier ages could only dream about, and in the end times prior to the return of Christ when the global Mystery Babylon system is destroyed, Revelation mentions the laments of the merchants of the world that their luxuries will no longer have a market. Luxury for the Luciferian elite and crushing debt burdens for the demoralised urban masses is the way the devil rules the world.

When we look back over the course of history, we can see that the trend has been away from God’s economy and toward the economy of Satan across the world. The exponential growth in debt, the impersonalisation of economic relationships, our congregation into megapoleis where everyone is a stranger – these trends have not been accidental or inevitable. That now the entire world is under one political, financial, ideological and legal system and further centralising rapidly indicates we cannot be far from the end. God won’t let the whole world come completely under Satan’s control. There will come a time soon when we will meet, as free men and women, under our own vine and our own fig tree, and we won’t owe anybody a thing.

David Hilton
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